These are difficult times for organizations and their employees. Some businesses have been forced to close their doors and many of us are feeling fear, uncertainty, and stress due to the current situation.

In an effort to protect Canadians and ensure health care is easily accessible, many provinces have approved coverage for virtual health care. These services along with those available through People Corporation provide a broad range of solutions.

Navigating virtual health care services

This guide is designed to help you navigate the virtual health services available including, virtual primary care and care management, physiotherapy, pharmacy, and health coaching.  These solutions provide access to the treatment patients need from the comfort and safety of their homes.


Provincial COVID-19 response

Certain services are available through each province at no cost. Patients must be covered under a provincial health care plan and will have to provide their health card number when they call for services.

Provincial health authorities have adjusted acceptable billing to allow for virtual appointments during the pandemic. Across Canada, patients can reach their primary care physicians for telephonic and virtual appointments.

Online and virtual health care offerings are also available for those who don’t have a family doctor.


British Columbia
  • Health Links –
  • Call 811
  • Call 811

Visit the various government websites to determine which networks may be able to provide virtual care:

  • Babylon health isn’t a provincially run program, but patients can gain access with their provincial health card. Babylon is an app that manages electronic medical records and offers patient services like a symptom assessment driven by artificial intelligence. After answering a series of questions, patients can have a video consultation with a doctor. This service is covered in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia with a valid health card. Get the app.
  • Tia.Health isn’t a provincially run program but patients can gain access with their provincial health card. Tia.Health is an appointment booking tool and virtual clinic that allows patients to connect with a physician by phone, video, or secure messaging. Tia.Health is covered in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. Visit


Virtual mental health care

Many of you are looking for immediate supports for your employees around emotional issues, isolation, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. We recognize the importance of employee mental health and have created industry-leading solutions.

Virtual mental health care
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    People Connect, our proprietary mental health solution, was built to positively impact the mental health of your employees and support them through trying times. This service provides employees with educational resources and access to immediate care through virtual counselling. We include a full diagnostic tool for employees to better understand their mental health – and, we’re the only provider that includes consultation with a psychiatrist in a virtual collaboration meeting.

    12 per cent of Canadians experience mild to moderate anxiety. During times of increased community stress, our anxiety can become highly exacerbated.

    People Connect utilizes the coverage provided under your group benefits plan paramedical coverage making it easy to get professional and affordable therapy. There is no charge for the insured’s first appointment. Plan members can claim the costs of additional sessions under the paramedical coverage of their group benefits plan.

    Contact the experts at People Corporation if you’re interested in including People Connect in your group benefits plan. If you prefer, email us at

  • Private, plan sponsor-paid options have gained momentum and popularity since the outbreak of COVID-19.

    Interest in virtual care has highlighted the demand for a service that’s consistent across the country and isn’t dependent on family doctors’ availability and willingness to do virtual appointments.

    People Corporation has developed People Connect Total Health, a unique and proprietary end-to-end virtual solution from medical consultation and mental health support, to medication delivery. It provides plan members access to virtual health care professionals, therapists, diagnostic tools, psychiatric collaboration, and a digital pharmacy that provides home delivery. Through our partnerships Telus Health Virtual Care and Maple, we’re able to provide two options within People Connect Total Health.

    Telus Health Virtual Care
    People Corporation has partnered with Telus Health Virtual Care to offer special pricing for our clients. Telus Health Virtual Care is an app-based service, that connects plan members and their families to nurses and nurse practitioners.  Service is available 24/7 and health professionals can: answer medical questions, diagnose, suggest treatment, renew prescriptions, and give referrals. Purchased through People Corporation, this service includes People Connect, our enhanced mental health solution that provides plan members with access to therapists, diagnostic tools, and psychiatric collaboration. Contact your People Corporation consultant for more information, or email

    Maple is a physician-only virtual health app. Maple offers an upfront online assessment, followed by virtual appointments with doctors. This includes People Connect, our enhanced mental health module that provides access to therapists, diagnostic tools, and psychiatric collaboration. This is an option for organizations that want a doctor-led version.  Contact your People Corporation consultant for more information or contact

  • A LivingEasy cognitive behavioral therapy-based program

    We’ve teamed with Self Help Works to offer a solution focused on coping and building resiliency under the new reality of COVID-19. We’re pleased to offer LivingEasy, a cognitive behavioral therapy-based program that’s available free of charge from now until the end of the year.

    Contact the experts at People Corporation team to sign up or email

    Check out the LivingEasy program overview video


Physiotherapy and health coaching

It’s important that employees get support for their health conditions during this time of isolation. Untreated muscular skeletal injuries and chronic diseases pose increased risks.

Physiotherapy and health coaching
  • MSK 360 by Phzio is an accessible, cost-effective, and easy way to receive physiotherapy treatments online. Muscular skeletal injuries drive employee health claims, leading to absence from work, and the need for ongoing pain medication. Without hands-on physiotherapy during the Coronavirus pandemic, patients’ conditions will worsen. Right now, there’s a pressing need for a virtual solution. Available anywhere in Canada, patients can undergo virtual assessments and ongoing physiotherapy from the comfort of their own homes. To sign up at no cost contact the experts at People Corporation, or email

    Watch this video to learn more about virtual physiotherapy.

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    People Corporation is pleased to offer a unique and proprietary health coaching portal in partnership with NDC – Nutrition at Work, a leading nutrition services provider. Now more than ever, it’s important for your employees to have support to manage chronic conditions. For employees with cardiovascular disease, respiratory conditions, or diabetes, the WHO and the United Nations have identified increased vulnerability and prolonged recovery from COVID-19. NDC offers telephonic health coaching and online assessments, diet planners, and ongoing access to resources including diabetes education. For more information and pricing contact the experts at People Corporation or email



Digital and home delivery pharmacy services

Through People Advantage, our preferred provider network, we’ve negotiated with our pharmacy partners to provide preferred pricing on prescriptions drugs.*  During the COVID-19 pandemic, remind your employees of the options they have fill and receive their prescription medications through digital and home delivery pharmacy services.

If your organization hasn’t been enrolled in People Advantage or if you’d like to learn more, contact People Corporation.

*Not available in Quebec due to provincial regulatory restrictions.

Digital and home delivery pharmacy services