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Leveraging provincial health care and group benefits plans for comprehensive preventative care

“Does my provincial health care plan cover that?” Raise a hand if you’re in HR and have heard that question. Our provincial and territorial health care insurance plans are at the heart of Canada's health care landscape and is the first frame of...
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Navigating the talent management tightrope in a competitive talent landscape

Talent management looks quite different in 2024 than it did even just a decade ago.
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Maximizing mental health resources in your employee benefits plan

Creating a comprehensive and supportive mental health strategy within employee benefits plans is a commitment to the well-being of your workforce. Here’s a deeper look into why and how employers can maximize mental health resources in their employee...
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Design a more effective benefits plan with data

To many small businesses, concepts like ‘data analytics’ and ‘data storytelling’ can feel complex and out of your league. We hear you thinking: “Not only do I need to decipher our complex numbers, but I also now need to craft all of it into a story...
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