Supporting Employee Work-Life Balance During Changing Economic Times

As the business climate navigates rough waters of downsizing and layoffs with a backdrop of rising inflation, it's natural to wonder if the market is swinging in favor of employers. The importance of work-life balance remains constant; and, the employers who acknowledge the need for flexibility and adapt their practices will continue to see loyalty from employees. Everyday realities like poor weather, caregiving roles, or a spike in seasonal illnesses can all lead to employees needing to work remotely. The good news is the pandemic has indeed taught us the value of a well-supported hybrid work model.

Offering thoughtful benefits that enable work-life balance will go a long way in supporting your hybrid team. Both monetary and non-monetary benefits! Employers are often surprised when they learn it’s possible to offer deep value without increasing the value of your current benefits plan.

Create a flexible, pressure-free hybrid environment.

Employees continue to crave location flexibility. Employers who honor flexibility by equipping their teams with the necessary technology, tools, and inclusive workspaces will see the fruits of their labor in employee retention. Enabling staff to toggle between office and remote work, without pressure, is beneficial. The key is to ensure that these resources are available to all employees, regardless of their physical work location, fostering a sense of fairness and support across the board.

Cultivate a Positive Outlook with Paid Time Off

Paid time off is a critical component of an employee’s compensation package. Approaching this benefit with optimism, employers can see it as an investment in their workforce. By encouraging employees to recharge, employers are creating a more vibrant, productive environment. A positive tone in discussing time off can reflect your company’s genuine care for your employees' well-being. Your loyalty will be repaid in their dedication when they return.

Promote your current health and wellness benefits relentlessly.

Don’t just offer benefits, promote them actively through multi-channel outreach to your people. In a hybrid environment, staff often miss out on the ‘water cooler chat’, which is historically how teams learn about their own benefits. Mimicking the water cooler chat virtually will mean creating your own blend of sharing updates proactively via email, driving people to your intranet, and perhaps putting creative orientation events in place.

Benchmark your health benefits competitively.

Make regular benchmarking a cornerstone of your benefits philosophy. Remember, benchmarking brings to light benefits that employees may be underestimating or overlooking. (Note: You may find it useful to read this previously authored article for more on the subject of benefits, both monetary and non-monetary: When employees compare: addressing the "My Neighbor's Benefits Are Better" challenge)

A strategic plan that supports work-life balance is important to attract and retain stellar talent, whether they’re in the office, remote, or hybrid. Interested in exploring benefits as a powerful retention and attraction tool? Please connect here, and a member of our team will be in touch with you.