Sirius Benefits – Advantages for employers, advisors and employees (Part 4)

While there are many similarities with respect to employer and employee needs, we often see generational differences at play when asking employees what’s important to them.

Younger generations may focus more on choice and flexibility, paramedical coverage and basic and preventative dental coverage while older generations gravitate more towards adequate drug coverage and major dental. One thing is clear regardless of who you ask; plan members want a competitive plan that provides support when they need it most. With this in mind, Sirius Benefits developed ancillary product solutions that address this need.

My Wellness

While it can be challenging for many people, especially in this fast-paced world we live in, everybody wants to be healthy. With this program, plan members have access to complimentary wellness tools that can help them and their families get well, stay well and live well.

Each month, employees will receive an e-mail (via the plan sponsor) that includes the Body Bulletin (an electronic health and wellness newsletter), a National Health Observance, Tip of the Month and a link to a timely health article and Recipe of the Month.

WorldCare Second Opinion

Embedded within the Health benefit, WorldCare Second Opinion covers plan members in the event they require a second opinion for a medical diagnosis. An independent actuarial study of 200 cases found that a WorldCare Second Opinion changed the diagnosis in 15% of cases and modified the treatment plan in 71% of cases. It covers 26 illnesses and conditions and provides easy access with no travel or additional office visits required.

People Connect

Mental Health challenges have become an increasing concern globally over the past number of years. According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, 70% of disability costs in the workplace are attributed to mental illness, and one-third of short and long term disability claims are related to mental health problems.

People Connect allows employees to access a virtual mental health assessment using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual to identify a potential diagnosis. The diagnosis can then be shared with the family physician – or the member can connect with a therapist directly through the site – who will receive the assessment and work with the member to formulate a treatment plan, all from the comfort of their home. Therapists have access to psychiatric collaboration for cases requiring additional support. The first consultation is free and subsequent sessions cost $75/hour or $37.50/30 minutes, and can be submitted through the group benefits plan. At this cost, plan members have more than double the coverage with the same benefit maximum. These additional counselling sessions could be the difference between a healthy, productive employee, and an employee that requires time away from the workplace.

Sirius Benefits allows business owners to leverage economies of scale by pooling their claims experience with thousands of other companies, keeping their rates stable over the long term. Advantages to advisors include the opportunity to provide group benefits to organizations that may not have been insurable elsewhere, and the ability to provide the right solution at the right time to clients. And finally, value-added products and solutions, such as HR support, are suddenly made available to small groups at an affordable price; while health and wellness solutions provide outstanding plan member experience.

Jeff Bremner is the Director of Partner Relations at People Corporation.

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