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Prescription Drugs

We make saving on your prescription costs easy. You and your dependants will benefit from our partnership with select pharmacies through either reduced dispensing fees, reduced mark-up or other value-adds.

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Provincial regulations may restrict the full benefits offering each pharmacy is able to offer.

Vision Care

Available through IRIS Vision Group locations, you can take advantage of select rebates on vision care products including:

  • $150 certificate redeemable off of the purchase of eyeglasses including a frame and a pair of fully coated prescription lenses (lenses must be minimum value of $250) and/or on the purchase of prescription sunglasses.
  • $25 certificate redeemable towards a pair of fully coated single vision lenses (vision lenses must be minimum value of $250)
  • $50 certificate redeemable towards a pair of fully coated progressive lenses (progressive lenses must be minimum value of $250)
  • $50 certificate redeemable towards the purchase of annual supply of contact lenses.
  • $50 certificate redeemable towards the purchase of non-prescription sunglasses valued at $100.00 or more.
  • $25 certificate redeemable towards the purchase of 3 or more bottles of Eye Omega Benefits (240 Softgels size)
  • $10 certificate redeemable for non-prescription glasses with Blue Light Filtration

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IRIS locations in Saskatchewan and Manitoba are coming soon.

Brand Name Prescriptions

Your plan may reimburse your prescriptions at the generic level, however, you may, due to medical reasons, require the brand-name version. It’s incredibly easy to stay on brand name medications, at little or no additional cost to you or your benefits plan.

People Corporation has partnered with two leading Brand Name Choice Programs – RxHelpONE and innoviCares. If you are prescribed any of the participating medications or products, you may be eligible to receive the brand name drug.

As each program provides access to participating brand medications through different pharmaceutical manufacturers, you will need to review each site and use their search tool to determine which card supports the medication you are currently using. New medications are added regularly so please ensure that you check back regularly to see what has been added.

RXHelp One

People Corporation is pleased to announce RxHelpONE, the latest advance in Patient Choice Program design that allows you to stay on brand name medications, at little or no additional cost.

The RxHelpONE program gives you access to multiple medications, from multiple brand manufacturers on ONE program. It is easy for you, and your pharmacist. Simply click on the link to see what medications are covered on the program: www.rxhelp.ca/RxHelpOne/peoplecorporation

Example drugs available under the RxHelpONE program include Lipitor, Lyrica, Nasonex, Zoloft, etc.

Click on the current medications you are taking and print off your personalized card. You do not need to wait for a card in the mail. Take your list of medications to your pharmacist and ask for the brand.

Simple and immediate.


People Corporation is pleased to provide you and your family with access to a unique benefit program called innoviCares.

InnoviCares provides you and your family supplementary coverage for many brand name medications providing them at similar prices to their generic alternative – plus the program offers additional savings on many other healthcare products. Access to brand medications such as Altace, Crestor, Nexium and Plavix, etc. are offered through innoviCares.

This benefit program is being provided to you and your families at no cost. If you would like to take advantage of this program, visit www.innovicares.ca/peoplecorporation and complete the on-line registration. Once registered you will receive your card, a personalized benefit statement, news and coverage updates, as well as access to use the handy iPhone app with built in refill reminders and pharmacy finder

Receive up to $125 in savings when you purchase a new membership, or $100 in savings for existing Costco members. Click here for more information.

Get for your Exclusive Savings Card here and enter Group ID: PEOPLECORP to receive 20% off of more than 4,000 different Rexall-branded products.