People Corporation: Who we are, and what we do

We are in the people business 

People Corporation is a national provider of group benefits, group retirement, wellness, and human resource solutions. Over the past 19 years we’ve grown to become the largest TPA and group benefits consulting firm in Canada and we make a difference in the lives of over 1M Canadians. Our team, made up of over 900 professionals, provides local service and brings niche expertise to ensure we can meet the needs of all of our clients. The services we offer are intertwined and centre on helping our customers build, develop, and maintain a strong employee base.

The model of our organization was designed to fill a need. We listened to customers and engaged with product experts to learn what was working in our industry and where there were gaps. Now and looking forward, we’re well-equipped to provide comprehensive service and create new-to-market solutions.

We are truly a team player. We partner with insurance carriers and suppliers to create unique and customized solutions. And, our service model allows our teams of experts to provide unbiased direction so that customers get solutions that work for their business.

 We’re listening  

Check back with us often. We’re listening, creating, and working so we’re able to provide relevant information, insight, and innovative products that make our customers lives easier.

Working with us, you’ll experience the benefits of People.