In Touch with People – Lending a hand to our clients in B.C.

Severe flooding and mudslides have caused extreme damage to certain parts of B.C. and have left thousands homeless or displaced. To support our clients and plan members, we’ve implemented accommodations and additional supports and services.

For plan members:

If a health or dental benefit payment cheque has been lost or destroyed:

      • We can cancel the cheque, arrange for direct deposit over the phone, and deposit the claim payment directly into the plan member’s bank account
      • We can send or courier a replacement cheque to an alternate address. We’ll absorb the cost of the courier

If a disability benefit payment cheque has been lost or destroyed:

      • The disability team can help affected claimants by requesting from the carrier, that any disability payment cheques that have been lost or destroyed, be cancelled, and reissued
      • They can also provide affected members direct deposit forms to set up EFT payments and submit the form on their behalf to be processed on a rush basis with the carrier
      • Claiming assistance will continue to be available to help plan members. This includes help with claims submission, instructions, confirming eligibility, general questions, etc.

Employee assistance program:
If your benefits plan includes an employee assistance program, support on a wide range of issues is a phone call away.

Our Client Care Centre:

If you have questions or need assistance, please have them contact our Client Care Center at 1 (800) 875-7982.

For you:

We’re ready to help.

If your business was impacted, contact with your account manager. If you don’t have contact information, call us at 1 (800) 875-7982 and we’ll connect you to the team.