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80% of employees want employers to take an active role in creating a healthy workplace. We believe that helping your employee's lead healthier, more productive and happier lives through the value of a workplace wellness program makes good business sense. The benefits are tangible.

Whatever your sector, whatever your scale, putting our wellness solutions to work will make a difference to your people and your bottom line.

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National Health Observance

November is Diabetes Month

1 in 3 Canadians have Diabetes or Prediabetes. There are 2 Types of Diabetes; both types involve sugar being stored in the blood rather than being converted to energy. Type 1 Diabetes (5-10% of cases of diabetes) is when one’s immune system inhibits one’s body from producing insulin, which helps convert sugar into energy. Type 2 Diabetes (90% of cases) is when the body either doesn’t produce enough insulin or doesn’t properly use insulin. 70% of Type 2 Diabetes cases can be prevented or delayed by making healthy lifestyle choices, including healthy eating and regular exercise.

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Article of the Month

Why go Fragrance-Free?

Fragrance is the new “second hand smoke.” Like cigarettes, fragrance is harmful to the health of the users and bystanders. Fragrance, which is also called parfum, is a key ingredient in perfumes and colognes. According to an Environmental Working Group (EWG) study, 72% of products with the ingredient “fragrance” contained endocrine disruptors called phthalates. Phthalates have been linked to diabetes, obesity, liver and breast cancer.

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Recipe of the Month

Diabetes-friendly Hummus Dip with Tortilla Crisps

In honour of Diabetes Month, we’ve found this diabetes-friendly recipe.

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