You're focused on positioning your business for success. At People Corporation, we're committed to helping employees lead healthier lives to ensure that success through our suite of proprietary wellness products and service offerings.

80% of employees want employers to take an active role in creating a healthy workplace. We believe that helping your employee's lead healthier, more productive and happier lives through the value of a workplace wellness program makes good business sense. The benefits are tangible.

Whatever your sector, whatever your scale, putting our wellness solutions to work will make a difference to your people and your bottom line.

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National Health Observance

January 31 is Bell Let’s Talk Day

1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental illness at some point in their life. There is still a huge stigma surrounding mental illness that makes it difficult for those experiencing a mental illness to cope or seek help in the first place. Every year since 2011, Bell has held a campaign to increase conversations about mental health. The goal is to help Canadians become more informed and more comfortable talking about mental health. For every interaction on the 31st, Bell will donate 5¢ to mental health initiatives. You can participate by calling or texting if you are a Bell user, Tweeting with #BellLetsTalk, posting on Instragam with #BellLetsTalk, sharing their Facebook video, or using their Snapchat geofilter. So let’s get talking!

Article of the Month

Surfing the Urge

We all get cravings. Whether it is for food or some other substance, they can be very hard to ignore. Trying to suppress a thought or urge usually makes it worse. It’s like when someone tells you “Don’t think about dancing pink elephants.” What are you thinking about now? Probably some dancing pink elephants.

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Recipe of the Month

Almond Butter and Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

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