You're focused on positioning your business for success. At People Corporation, we're committed to helping employees lead healthier lives to ensure that success through our suite of proprietary wellness products and service offerings.

80% of employees want employers to take an active role in creating a healthy workplace. We believe that helping your employee's lead healthier, more productive and happier lives through the value of a workplace wellness program makes good business sense. The benefits are tangible.

Whatever your sector, whatever your scale, putting our wellness solutions to work will make a difference to your people and your bottom line.

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National Health Observance

October is Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month

Healthy Workplace Month encourages workplaces and communities to create and implement healthy workplace strategies. It promotes fostering a workplace culture of trust and respect where people are happy and healthy at work. The goal is to increase awareness of the need for a comprehensive approach to workplace health in Canada that is influenced by the four elements of a healthy workplace: Healthy Lifestyles, Workplace Culture and Mental Health, Physical Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility. Each week of the month has a specific theme and suggested activities.

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Article of the Month

Fight the Flu

Cough, Cough… oh the sweet sound of flu season. The flu is a very contagious disease that spreads through droplets made when people with the flu cough, sneeze, or talk and others breathe in these droplets or touch surfaces where the droplets have landed. Typical symptoms of the flu includes: slight sore throat, high fever, headaches, cough, congestion, muscle aches and soreness.

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Recipe of the Month

Healthy Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Bread

Hooray for pumpkin season! For the perfect fall treat, try creating this moist and delicious healthy pumpkin bread.

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