You're focused on positioning your business for success. At People Corporation, we're committed to helping employees lead healthier lives to ensure that success through our suite of proprietary wellness products and service offerings.

80% of employees want employers to take an active role in creating a healthy workplace. We believe that helping your employee's lead healthier, more productive and happier lives through the value of a workplace wellness program makes good business sense. The benefits are tangible.

Whatever your sector, whatever your scale, putting our wellness solutions to work will make a difference to your people and your bottom line.

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National Health Observance

May is Celiac Awareness Month

Celiac Disease is a condition, affecting 1 in 133 Canadians, in which gluten prevents the body from absorbing important nutrients. There is no cure for Celiac Disease, so people with Celiac Disease need to have a gluten-free diet. The Canadian Celiac Association is the voice for Canadians who are sensitive to gluten and aims to improve diagnosis and quality of life. For more information on Celiac Disease or resources on how to accommodate your gluten-free friends and family members, visit

Article of the Month

Checking email after work may be bad for your health

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Recipe of the Month

Craisin Oat Crackers

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